Meatless in Solidarity


COVID-19 in the State of Iowa is exposing the vulnerability of our farm system and the exploitation of meatpacking workers.  

With OSHA nowhere to be found and inaction by the State of Iowa the League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa (LULAC Iowa) is forming a statewide coalition of farmers, activists, workers, consumers, unions, environmentalists, and other organizations to launch the Meatless May Campaign with short and long term goals to protect workers and support family farms.

To start the campaign our first call to action is to take the pledge to boycott corporate meat and support regional and local farmers.  Take the pledge!



Protect Workers and Family Farms

We are building a statewide coalition of different people and organizations.

Ongoing List of Endorsements:

Joe Henry, LULAC – advisor to the national president on civic engagement & elections

Nick Salazar, LULAC Iowa State Director

Ako Abdul Samad – Iowa State Representative

Ed Fallon, director of BOLD Iowa (an environmental group)

Mark Kuhn - Iowa Grain Farmer, Former State Representative, & county supervisor

Chris Peterson, Iowa hog farmer and co-founder of Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture

Jack Hatch - former Iowa State Senator

Eddie Mauro - candidate for U.S. Senate (Iowa)

Iowa Democratic Black Caucus

Iowa Democratic Hispanic Caucus

Steve Villatoro, Latino Activist

Kathy Byrnes, Farmer

Francis Thick, Farmer

Joe Lynch, Farmer

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture

Carpenters Union (waiting for final confirmation)

Teamsters Union (waiting for final confirmation)

BOLD Iowa, environmental group




Tel. 563-265-5192

PO Box 3354
Davenport, Iowa 42808

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Meatless in Solidarity is an evergreen extension of the Meatless May campaign.